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Voûte Celeste Exhibition

by Savann Thav


The French word ‘Voûte Celeste’ translated as ‘Celestial Sphere’ introduces the astronomical concept from Antiquity, which describes the hemisphere above the observer, allowing him to position the different stars in the sky and give them precise coordinates. His exhibition encompasses intriguing abstract paintings, which encapsulate his poetic vision of the world and a transcription of his emotions.


Gallery phnom penh artIn these works, the artist shows an accomplished mastering of colours, composition and texture, which allow to express subtle and various emotions in a beautiful ode to nature. Repeated over and over, in an on-going feedback loop, the patterns express both a telescopic view of the immensity of the universe and a microscopic view of the smallest cells and components of life. By playing with a limited number of colours, sometimes dominated by large stains and traces of black and white paint, Savann shares a sophisticated blend of feelings and emotions, sometimes bitter, sometimes violent always soothed by a pinch of tenderness.

Born in Cambodia, Savann has been living and working in France since 1980. His work cleverly reflects his personal experience and a universal vision of humanity. As a young boy he liked to observe women doing embroidery and enjoyed creating assemblages with flowers and roots. He knew at an early age that he wanted to be an artist. Ever since 1999, he was been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Singapore and Phnom Penh. He has artworks in the private collection of the King of Cambodia and at the Cambridge School in Cambodia.

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