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MaxHub & LED Screen

Phokeethra Ballroom & Meeting Rooms

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra has upgraded conference room to the latest technology with both Interactive TV Screen and LED video wall-screen for banquet and meetings.

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra offers 2 different choices of conference rooms for customers to consider in terms of their own demands and necessities. The first option is Phokeethra Ballroom which is equipped with P2 LED video wall-screen size of 5x9m delivering seamless presentation and high resolution imagery with spectacular sound to match. Additionally, the LED wall is larger than a traditional project screen allowing a wider viewable surface area, and customers can save a lot time as the LED wall screen along with sound system don’t require pre-setup and always available for usage at any time. All types of presentations and exhibitions will be more interactive since attenders can easily see the contents via the LED wall screen.

The second option is Phokeethra Meeting Room which accommodates an 86 inches Interactive TV Screen 4k quality display embedded with 8 Mega Pixels camera on the top makes video-call conferencing so much easier and handy as it delivers high picture quality as well as exceptionally clear sound from built-in Stereo speaker that enables effective communication. Moreover, 6 built-in array microphones, 8m voice picking-up and auditory localization system also add value to the conference speeches and presentations. Thus, it ensures that the audiences receive significantly enriched presentations quality. Its ability to display 4 devices simultaneously and infrared touchscreen technology makes each and every presentation with pictures, illustrations, charts and videos more vivid and engaging.

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