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A New Standard in Hybrid Events for MICE

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra offers a unique and inspiring blend of luxury and practicality, French elegance and Khmer hospitality. Located in the center of Cambodia’s capital, the hotel is a superb meeting point for attendees online and in-person. A variety of meeting areas and the latest technology makes it the ideal venue for any hybrid event.

A Unique Event Experience

Hybrid online meeting has quickly become a new business standard. Hybrid meeting technology makes it possible for attendees to be present at a meeting either online or in person.

Although the threat once posed by the pandemic has subsided, the popularity of the hybrid event continues. There are many reasons for this. Participants and delegates who are unable to attend a meeting may still find the time to participate remotely. Costs and the time involved in attending a meeting can also be rationalized where necessary. Speakers and others normally unavailable might also take part in a hybrid event. Furthermore, divisions and branches which don’t normally interact can be brought together.

Why Choose Our Hybrid Event Service?

At Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, we offer a unique experience. With the latest hybrid meeting technology, we can transform any MICE demand into a hybrid event. High speed internet transmission assures successful live streaming. LED monitors capable of displaying multiple images, stereo sound and adjustable microphone arrays assure all participants experience true interactivity.

We also offer end-to-end event solutions. Booking, planning and execution are overseen by specialists dedicated to the success of your project. Technicians are on hand during the event to respond to any demand which may arise.

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra also offers a variety of meeting rooms to meet the demands of your hybrid event. Our ballroom can accommodate anywhere from 500 to 1,600 persons and feature a 5×9 meter wall-sized LED screen. Smaller conference rooms make use of 86 inch interactive monitors.

And of course, our magnifique events and meetings include the hospitality for which Sofitel is known. Whether your event requires a full banquet or coffee breaks, we can tailor to your needs.

Types of Events You Can Host

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra recognizes that different needs require different approaches. This idea is ingrained in our end-to-end service concept and holds true for a hybrid online meeting.

For product launches, consider that our venue adds sparkles. The interactivity offered by our service meets the demands of such an event as there are sure to be questions and feedback. Our hybrid meeting technology facilitates equal participation by all, whether physically present or remote. Attendees will also appreciate the grandeur and hospitality of our venue, as well as the opportunity to visit our unique and lively city.

Sofitel can also raise the profile of board meetings and our facilities can tailor to attendance needs up to the size of our Grand Ballroom. Our hybrid meeting technology can expand attendance. Our Phokeethra rooms offer solutions for smaller, more intimate events such as training seminars and team building workshops.

Cutting Edge Technology Conference Room

By offering a blend of in person and online attendance, hybrid events can greatly expand your audience. Our easy-to-operate and cutting-edge hybrid meeting technology allows one to transcend the limitations imposed by space and distance. Offices and individuals which may be physically remote from each other can be brought together.

The hybrid online meeting allows planners to control the budgets allotted for meetings. Attending a physical meeting may impose challenges during time sensitive projects. However, with careful scheduling, hybrid meeting technology can allow such persons to attend virtually. Also, a company might not wish to budget a purely in person meeting. Whatever the budgetary prerogatives, the hybrid event offers a solution.

We are all familiar with the simple Zoom-type meeting. The comfort and equipment our hotel provides can bring such meetings to a new level. Large screen monitors, stereo speakers and microphone arrays, plus the ability to display images from multiple devices, create a truly interactive experience.

Get Your Hybrid Event Proposal

We encourage you to consider our venue for your next event. Contact one of our experienced meeting planners to discuss your needs and discover the available options. The planner will be with you every step of the way, from beginning to end. Get in touch and learn more.

FAQs Concerning Hybrid Events

How are technical issues that may arise during a meeting resolved?

Knowledgeable technicians are available during the event.

How many in person attendees can your meeting rooms accommodate?

There are many different sizes and layouts, anything from our Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate 1,600 persons, to our Phokeethra rooms, which can seat 30 to 80 persons.

Are food and drink available?

Quality food and beverage is available for all events and with the superior service one can expect from our brand.

Why Phnom Penh?

Experience one of Southeast Asia’s hidden gems, unimpacted by mass tourism. The city has undergone incredible development over a short time and offers all the modern conveniences. Yet, it maintains its unique charm, a blend of French colonial planning and architecture and timeless Khmer culture.


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