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Ici ou Là - Damien Dufresne


Damien Dufresne is an atypical photographer who is recognized in makeup and advertising and finds in his background the freedom to forget the constraints of fashion and marketing. He meets his models on the road, at a dinner, or on the street. People whose face touches him: a way of looking, wearing of the head, an attitude; he prefers introverted models. Shyness seduces him. For him, the camera is only a tool that serves to immortalize the moment.”

He paints the faces and bodies of his models, giving them all freedom except to pose. They request to be themselves, not to show feelings or emotions but to feel them, to forget the camera, to forget the eyes of others… he always comes back… “Forget the eyes of others.”

He creates a universe and installs his models, and they become characters. When asked about his career, Damien Dufresne replied: “I have no concept or career plan, I don’t calculate, I improvise constantly. I do not seek to provoke, but I do not forbid myself anything. I do images that speak to me and make sense to me. My previous jobs as a hairdresser and makeup artist shaped the photographer I became. I have lived and worked in Paris, Seoul, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai. I currently live in Siem Reap.

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